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Health and Safety

An overview

The Trust's Safety Management plan covers the over-arching and policy aspects of the Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust’s health and safety responsibilities. Specific operational aspects of the trust’s programmes and projects are contained in the Appendix as SOP's.

It is the trust’s intention that all consultants and regional coordinators are familiar with this plan and undertake their work and role/s accordingly.

Much of the trust’s credibility is based on outstanding safety standards. Our aim is to maintain this exceptionally high safety record and to continually improve safety management and procedures.

If you wish to provide feedback regarding our delivery or health and safety you can do so here.


All of our Health and Safety templates are available to our EMR & WBC coordinators as Word working files so that they can be adapted to be site specific.



The purpose of the policy below is to provide an avenue through which staff, participants and volunteers, and their managers, can resolve work-related feedback and complaints as they arise.

This policy is intended to ensure that we handle feedback and complaints fairly, efficiently, effectively and in keeping with our organisational principles.

This policy also provides guidance to our staff and people who wish to make a complaint or share feedback on the key principles and concepts of our complaint management system.

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Schools & event partners

Your EMR or WBC coordinator will provide you will all the site specific H&S documentation required for your delivery. 

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