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Kaiako learning about freshwater programmes

WBC Northland Kaiako

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Whitebait Connection and Experiencing Marine Reserves in Northland, and I must say, it was an incredible experience! The hosts, Nic, Tracey, Pat, and Samara, were very welcoming and knowledgeable. With the Whitebait Connection I learned about the five species of galaxiida and their habitat, including their spawning sites and with the EMR team I was fortunate to investigate marine ecology.

But that's not all - I also learned about healthy awa (waterways) and how to test and check if they are healthy. The hosts were passionate about preserving and protecting our waterways, and it was inspiring to see their dedication first-hand. Overall, I would highly recommend the Whitebait Connection and EMR to anyone interested in learning about New Zealand's aquatic life and their habitat.

The program is suitable for both adults and children, and the hands-on approach makes the learning experience even more engaging. My visit was truly memorable, and I can't wait to come back for more.Thank you, Nic, Tracey, Pat, and Samara, for a wonderful experience at The Whitebait Connection!

Mary Wise, Poukawa School Participant Teacher – The Royal Society Te Apārangi


Thank you so much for sharing your story Mary. If her story is inspiring you to get involved in our mahi, check out the link below.

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