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Give back to Mountains to Sea around Aotearoa by volunteering your time to help us run our WBC and EMR events and school programmes. With no prior experience necessary, our volunteering programmes provide a fantastic opportunity to meet new friends, explore awesome spots around the country, learn new skills and to add to your CV.

Joining the whānau


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Complete the registration form. Within it you will be able to specify what region you are in and what programmes, events and restoration projects you would like to sign up for. 

Join our volunteer hub. Create a profile for yourself. Within this hub you will be able to access training modules, register for events, be awarded badges and to lodge your volunteer hours.

Sign up to our mailer and make sure you select that you would like to hear about volunteering opportunities.

Step 4

Get volunteering! Jump into an awa or moana with Mountains to Sea.


Donate your time

Become a volunteer for Mountains to Sea.

Learn how to be a snorkel guide, plant riparian vegetation or monitor and restore your local catchment.

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