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donateNorthland-based Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust is a charitable umbrella and support organisation for the Experiencing Marine Reserves (EMR) marine education and Whitebait Connection (WBC) freshwater education programmes. These are both leading models in education for sustainability in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Read more...

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We’re really pleased to announce that Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust is receiving $18 million from the Essential Freshwater Fund (EFF) to build capability and capacity in New Zealand's freshwater management. We're leading a nationwide project called ‘Wai Connection – Tatai Ki Te Wai’ a catchment community engagement project offering on-the-ground support to assist with catchment issues through tailored support.
Wai Connection will increase our coordination support for catchment groups and communities and scale up the suite of programmes and projects that we already offer under Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust including Whitebait Connection, Experiencing Marine Reserves - EMR estuary enagagement programmes, īnanga spawning programme and community-based freshwater monitoring programme throughout Aotearoa NZ through our network of Mountains to Sea Provider Organisations including Tasman Bay Guardians, Eos Ecology, He Awa Ora, He Tai Ora, Healthy Rivers, Living Sea, Mountains to Sea Wellington and some yet to be confirmed and identified.
Join the catchment movement! To start the project off right, we’re compiling a list of as many community catchment groups/collectives as we can – so we know where groups are operating and where there’s gaps. Make sure your group counts by filling out our online form here: https://survey123.arcgis.com/.../13df0f6495cd40409c90c147.... We've compiled all the publicly available databases we can find already, but currently no single comprehensive list exists. The power of such a list seems pretty huge to us, so we hope you can help us build it. Once collated it will be publicly available on the ‘Wai Connection’ website for all.
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info or visit www.waiconnection.nz Find the Ministry for the Environment | Manatū mō te Taiao press release here: https://environment.govt.nz/.../essential-freshwater-fund/.


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